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Family Support

Welcome to East High School

East High School is a rigorous and diverse public school of 2,000 students. Approximately 64% of the student body is living below the poverty line (including 85 homeless students). The East High Student and Family Support Initiative was created in 2016 to assist these students. We evaluate and fulfill the unique needs of each student, to assure that they have their basic needs met. This includes some dental and vision assistance. At East we feel that if the student is not worrying about pain, food, clothing, and cleanliness, they will be better able to thrive in school and in life.

To that end, the Leopard Stash (food pantry) provides healthy snacks and meal making materials for students and their families. The Stash is open before and after school each day. The Leopard Boutique is our own "clothing store" where students and families find new and gently used clothing, shoes and jackets. The newly completed Leopard Washrooms provide a clean and safe place for our homeless and vulnerable students to wash clothing, shower and prepare for their school day. The Washrooms are stocked with items for the student and their family, including new underwear, socks, towels and every possible shower/bathroom product needed. We hope, with support from donors, to soon facilitate scholarship offerings, work internships and summer jobs for hardworking students that need a little extra help during tough times.

All of these services are provided free of charge to any of our students and their families. These programs are supported 100% through in-kind gifts and cash, generously donated by East High students, families, PTA and an amazing community of individuals and companies who LOVE EAST and want to help each student succeed!

Student & Family Support

Leopard Stash – Food and hygiene pantry, open daily before school and after school
Leopard Boutique – Clothing pantry, open before school and both lunches, every Tuesday and Thursday
Leopard Washrooms – Shower/laundry facilities and supplies, available every day, access granted through Family Support Specialists or East Administration

Community Dropoff:

Bring donations to the front of the school every Wednesday from 2:45pm-3:15pm and look for students with a red cart. Donations can also be made at the front office, Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm. We also gladly accept in-kind and cash donations.

If you would like to donate click here for a list of needed items.

High School Musical:

If you are visiting East High School to take a tour, please consider making a food or other donation to help our students.

Volunteers, Partners, Donors:

If you would like to make a donation, become a partner, or volunteer your time please contact our Family Support Specialists at

How does my contribution help students and families at East High?

 $1.00 = a healthy afterschool snack (we serve 100 per day)
 $5.00 = a month’s hygiene for a family
 $10.00 = school supplies for a semester
 $25.00 = 20 pair of new men’s socks
 $50.00 = towels for the washrooms for a semester
 $50.00 = replacement frames for a student’s glasses
 $100.00 = protein for the entire Stash for a week
 $150.00 = a NEW laptop, loaded with software

Dental Help Available!

Any EHS student in dental pain (dental emergency) may be seen free of charge at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. Students with Medicaid, private insurance, or no insurance may be seen and treated. Students must make Wednesday appointments with our Family Support Specialists by Monday at 2:30pm to be seen (first come, first served). Non-emergency dental patients may also make appointments. Parents of students under 18 must complete a permission form for treatment and transportation.

Digital Inclusion at East

Every student need a computer and internet service to compete and succeed in today's world. Comcast is providing a laptop or desktop computer loaded with software to any family that qualifies for free/reduced lunches for $149.99 and internet services for $9.99 per month. For some this fee is insurmountable. East High Student and Family Support and the Salt Lake Education Foundation have created a donation link in hope that those who can will donate to offset the cost of digital inclusion. Any donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Consider making a one time gift, or better yet, an ongoing pledge. Let's make sure our EHS students have the tools they need to succeed in school and in life!
I would like to donate for digital inclusion


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Tiffany Provost

Family School Collaboration Specialist

Family Support Specialists
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