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Actively Integrating for Equity


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East Townhall Webinar


April 8th hosted by The United Way.

our vision

We empower student voices and actions that value growth, embrace equity, and achieve high expectations.

our mission

East High School is a student-centered and inclusive learning community. We are dedicated to a school culture that ensures each student has the supports and opportunities necessary to find an academic, social, and emotional place to be BEAST (brave, engaged, accountable, safe, thoughtful). At East, the dedicated teachers, staff, parents/guardians, and community members model what it means to be BEAST by putting students first in our learning and doing, striving for ongoing improvement, and keeping our minds, hearts, and doors open to collaboration.

At East High School we are proud of our history and traditions. Sustaining our past requires an active focus on our future. If we only focus on who we have been as a school, it will be impossible to change in ways that keep us relevant to what is coming next. In order to truly respect the shifts in the world around us, East has taken a collaborative approach to updating our school Mission and Vision. Since the revision, these ideas have become a north star for the work we do here. They consistently guide our efforts and allow for a clearer path into our future. This includes our adjustments to ninth grade courses and the move towards offering more pathways, including an AP capstone diploma, so that students will be prepared for success beyond high school.

value growth

As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, strategic shifts have been made to the ninth-grade academic core. This core will help create a foundation that will encourage every student to challenge themselves. Our growth objectives are:

  1. Grow the foundational skills that our students need to be successful moving forward
  2. Foster a growth mindset culture by encouraging the minimum of 24 credits for graduation to be the start, not the finish
  3. Offer an AP Capstone Diploma and additional academic and career pathways for students to explore

embrace equity

The new foundation we are setting for ninth graders will increase student opportunities to enroll in higher-level courses (e.g. AP and Concurrent Enrollment) and promote the pre-requisite knowledge necessary to excel in CTE Pathway programs as students advance at East. These high-level classes will be reflected on your student’s high school schedule and transcript. Our equity objectives are:

  1. Reduce the opportunity gap at East by ensuring each student has the foundational skills and access to opportunities to help them be successful
  2. Increase the opportunities and choice for each student to choose their own exploration into career pathways they are interested in

achieve high expectations

We believe that these new course offerings better reflect the high expectations that East sets for all of our students; all ninth-grade students will be taking a high-level ELA, SS, and SCI class in Pre-AP and AP HUG. Utilizing the consistency of the College Board frameworks will deepen student learning. This framework keeps students and teachers focused on the skills and concepts essential for complex thinking and critical problem-solving. These changes will ensure our students are prepared for their post-secondary choices because they better align with the changes happening in both higher education and in the workplace. Our high expectation objectives are:

  1. Focus on building and refining foundation skills our students need to be successful
  2. Focus on 21st century skills that students will need in order to be prepared for college and their career