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East High Clemente Students
East High Clemente Students

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Clemente: A College Humanities Course for High School Students from Groups Underrepresented in Higher Education

November 2, 2018

The Clemente Course in the Humanities is offered by Utah Humanities in partnership with the University of Utah Honors College, Westminster College, and East High School to provide a college-level academic experience for high-school students who will be first-generation college applicants. Clemente is an interdisciplinary course typically structured to match a four-quarter high school year with units in philosophy, art history, United States history, and literature. The course is intellectually rigorous, focuses on significant multicultural works, and uses primary documents, group discussion, writing, and collaborative projects as the basis for learning. The curriculum is consistent with Utah's Common Core. The goal of Clemente is to encourage students to find their own voices and agency in their communities, as well as to apply for and succeed in college. Utah's Clemente Course has been underway at East High School in Salt Lake City since 2013.

2014 East High Clemente: "We Are One Inside Out Project"

November 2, 2018

In March 2014, Clemente students at East High turned their school "inside out." Although East High School is now 63% “minority” with Latino, Pacific Islander, Asian, and African American students and student refugees from around the world in its classrooms, many in Salt Lake still imagine the school as it used to be—predominantly white. The Clemente students wanted to show East High's true face to the world. Read more about the "We Are One Inside Out Project".

utah humanities website

November 2, 2018

This link will take you to the Utah Humanities website.

Josh Wennergren
Center for Educational Access
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