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We often hear how education has changed and how difficult it is to reach out and connect students to school. Going to school has always been the best part of the day for a lot of students – particularly those students escaping from their sometimes painful life away from school. I will always remember those teachers that had the largest impact on me as a person. Each teacher, advisor, or coach that influenced me in a significant manner showed that they believed in me, actually talked to me, and genuinely were interested in how I felt that day and what was going on in my life. I would see them at extra-curricular events and they were the adults in school that always seemed to be available before school, after class, during lunch, or after school. Your students are fortunate to have many of these same caring and committed teachers at East! In addition to the connection teachers and staff can help students feel, students can take their own initiative and participate in extracurricular activities. The research is fairly consistent that students generally benefit from the many opportunities afforded them. Most of the studies in this area bear out that the numerous advantages include: having better grades, a decrease in absenteeism, having higher standardized test scores and higher educational attainment, and having a higher self-concept. Further, it was demonstrated that these participants in extra-curricular activities often learned skills such as teamwork and leadership while decreasing the likelihood of alcohol use and illicit drug use and related problem behaviors. The data I’ve examined studied primarily 4 types of participation: athletics, arts, service clubs, and school clubs. At East High, we are proud to support over 40 clubs and 16 sport teams that provide a way for students to meet other students, connect to the school, compete in healthy activities, and provide service to the community. One excellent example is the over 150 active members of the National Honor Society, who maintain an exceptionally high GPA and who participate in at least one volunteer project each month. Bottom line – our goal is to get every student connected to East by participating in at least one extra-curricular activity so they can reap all the benefits. If you need more information on what activities are available, talk to your assigned counselor, one of the student’s teachers, or an administrator. The mission of East High is “To enable all students to reach their maximum potential.” High standards and expectations for each student in regard to academic rigor, extra-curricular participation, and service to others are the foundation of our school.

It’s a great day to be a LEOPARD!


Why We Do It, What We Do, & How We Measure It
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Salt Lake District Vision

Excellence and Equity: every student, every classroom, every day.

Salt Lake District Mission

Salt Lake City School District cultivates a love of learning in a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to educational excellence and integrity. In collaboration with families and community, we hold high expectations for all students, respond effectively to individual needs, and provide a safe, healthy environment in which every student can learn the academic, problem-solving, and social skills required for success in college, career, and life.

East High School Vision

We empower student voices and actions that value growth, embrace equity, and achieve high expectations.

East High School Mission

East High School is a student-centered and inclusive learning community. We are dedicated to a school culture which ensures that each student has the supports and opportunities necessary to find an academic, social, and emotional place here to be BEAST (brave, engaged, accountable, safe, thoughtful). At East, the dedicated teachers, staff, parents/guardians, and community members model what it means to be BEAST by putting students first in our learning and doing, striving for ongoing improvement, and keeping our minds, hearts, and doors open to collaboration.

Student Success Plan (SSP) Goals (formerly known as EEP)

1. Collaboration with families and community: Our students leave East High successful not just because of our work but because of who they are before they arrive. Our success builds on the foundation, commitment, and unity of our families. Helping all of our families learn how to NAVIGATE the educational system is what we’re about - we purposefully provide and encourage regular community participation that builds capacity to empower all of our students.
2. High expectations for all students: Our students aren't just focused on the who, what, where, and when of learning. That's just the beginning. Every student considers the how of learning and the "what would happen if…" Conceptual, extended thinking make every East graduate a college and career asset.
3. Responding effectively to individual needs: Every student at East High is connected to AT LEAST one adult here who knows them; this adult is that student's champion in every setting and can tell the student's story
4. Providing a safe, healthy environment: It is imperative that all East High students feel valued and respected. Our teachers and students are trained in the procedures and protocols that ensure a physical, social, and emotionally safe environment.

School Goals: 90 Day/Semester Goals

S1: Academic Goal: By December 20, 2019, students will demonstrate increased understanding of what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they know where they are at in the learning process through teacher communication of Success Criteria (e.g. daily “I can” statements, rubrics, checklists, etc.) that act as a map for students to accurately describe their own progress toward the identified learning destination.

S1: Culture Goal: East will implement the four pillars of a school-wide, systemic and systematic Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Plan focused on teaching clear expectations, positive reinforcement of those expectations, and intervention support. This plan will include an implementation time line as well as curriculum and professional development support.

S1: Gap Goal: By December 20, 2019, EL students will actively participate (e.g. write, speak, discuss, collaborate, create) in classroom learning tasks that are purposefully designed for EL students to achieve the success criteria for the course.

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