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School Community Council (SCC)

Shared governance is the process by which decisions are made in the Salt Lake City School District. It requires the superintendent to administer the schools, under the general direction of the board of education, while seeking input from and cooperating with employees and members of the community.

School Community Councils (SCC) are established in each school to provide a cooperative means of improving the educational programs and conditions within that school. Its membership should represent school employees and parents or guardians of students. Ideas for discussion topics may be generated by any individual or group in the school community.

School LAND Trust Report

East High's School Community Council is entrusted with determining how to spend the funds received from LAND Trust.  In the 2020-2021 School year, we received $262,493 which funded.

  • Provided 4 hours of professional learning.
  • Counseling intern to assist with relationship development and student success.
  • Full Time Student Advocates
  • 1.0 FTE Transition Counselor
  • Full time Math Teacher and before/after school math labs.
  • Additional Reading teacher for 9th grade.
  • AVID


2022-2023 SCC Members


Parent Members


Kristien McDonald (Chair):

Becky Cisneros-Cox:

Elizabeth Florence:

Ned Maxfield:

Rebecca Anderson:

Jen Throndsen:

Sarah Farah:

Karla Jimenez:

Shelly Kaihatu:



Molonai Hola (Vice Chair):

Natalie Fetzer (Secretary):

Rebecca Fredrick (PSTA President):

Wade Bean:

David Bergstedt:

Shannon Freedman:

Robert Kingsford:

Erin Massey:

Annie Payne:

Tim Payne:

Ashley Shaw:


Faculty Members

Pam Pedersen (Principal):

Lance Taylor (Assistant Principal):

Marissa Zucchetto (Assistant Principal):

Brenda Kraack (SIC Chair):

Lynette Yorgason (Student Government Advisor):

Kevin Waite (Counselor): Cassidy Bell:

School Community Council Meetings

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